Railway station demand forecasts for Wales

    The underlying model was used to forecast rail demand for 12 proposed new railway station locations in Wales. This work was carried out for the Welsh Government as part of the Welsh National Transport Plan:

    Other applications

    The tool has been used to forecast rail demand for two proposed new railway stations in Scotland. This formed part of a demonstration and discussion of the tool and the underlying model with Transport Scotland, one of the supporters of the project.

    The tool has also been used to produce rail demand forecasts for new stations on the Oxford-Cambridge Arc as part of the EPSRC funded ITRC MISTRAL project. It has also been used by several students on the MSc Transportation Planning and Engineering programme as part of their dissertation projects, and by several students on the MEng Civil Engineering programme as part of their Group Design Projects.

    Following a range of dissemination activities to industry and the wider public we have received several enquiries about using the tool. Interested parties include Network Rail, transport consultants, local authorities and groups campaigning for the reopening of lines and stations. This has led to the tool being used to generate rail demand forecasts for customers on a consultancy basis.

    Station Demand Forecasting Tool, 2023